Using the Dr. Free Gift & BOGO app you can now easily offer free gifts based on purchase size. The gift will immediately be added to the customer's cart once they meet a gift goal that you've set up.

To make it easy for customers to understand what they need to do to get a gift, our app comes with a fully customizable progress bar widget!

Gift Progress Bar

No Draft Orders

Dr. Free Gift & BOGO enables you to create special products which are only used to be given away as gifts. Using this strategy you can keep using any other apps that require the use of draft orders along with our app!

Fully Customizable Progress Bar

Not only can you change all the text, colors, and sizes, but you can also choose whether to enable or disable each part of the progress bar one by one - the goal images, the goal labels, or the label below the bar.

Free Shipping Tier Compatible

You can add your free shipping goal to the Gift Progress Bar as a custom goal! This way you don't need multiple bars that may confuse customers.

Add A Discount Code Goal

What better way to maximize average order value than to also add a discount code goal! This feature allows you to continue to incentivize your customers to spend more even after giving them a gift.

Breezy Installation

Whether you choose to use our self-installation wizard, or would like to copy/paste our single-line code snippet into your theme files, or you prefer to have us help you with a free professional installation, you will be up and running with Dr. Free Gift & BOGO in no time!

Development Stores

We are developer-friendly! If you install our app on your development store, you can use the app free of charge.

We will not charge you until the store is transferred to a client. At that time you will need to re-subscribe at the regular rate.

Currency/Money Formatting

Our Gift Progress Bar uses the currency and money format that you have already specified in your Shopify settings.


Our process ensures that gifts are awarded as fast as possible, so customers don't get frustrated with long wait times.

App Integrations!

Dr. Free Gift & BOGO is integrated with a variety of apps. While the list is much longer, here are some highlights.

Dr. Discount On Cart - Discount Codes On Cart, Shipping On Cart.

Dr. Shipping Calculator - Shipping Calculator on Cart, Free Shipping Bars

Currency Converter Bear - Automated currency switcher. Currency conversion w/ checkout.

Variant Option Product Options - custom product variant, color swatch, infinite options, upload

Zepto Product Personalizer - Unlimited Product Options With Live Preview

Multi Currency Converter Hero - Premium auto currency converter & currency switcher

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